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We can't go wrong by being intentionally kind every once in awhile!

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Make your vacation kind


Hi there! I am Elisa. I'm pretty much your everyday person, busy, adulting, working and keeping up with my family of three kids, my housemate, and a hot, intelligent husband (who won't read this, so I can get away with saying that!).

Besides filling out paperwork for the kid's school stuff, sitting in traffic, and making grocery runs, I feel . . . a little overwhelmed and tired. 

Do you ever feel tired too? 

Ya, we want to make a difference in the world, but life gets both busy and mediocre at the same time. We find ourselves living our routines, trying to enjoy the people who mean the most to us, and when we think outward, we feel a combo of overwhelmed, burnt-out, angry, confused, and/or ignoring the injustices in the world around us.  

This is where I step in. I'm with you, too--feeling the same way. But I've been working in leadership for over ten years in various roles, from coordinating food programs for hungry kids, to starting two anti-trafficking non-profits, to starting discipleship and outreach ministry groups, and other social good things. 

Sure, I studied this stuff in college. I lived overseas, learning through experience. I've been mentored (and am still continually growing) because of those who've invested in me. (And much of the time I had a kid on my hip.) But the only reason this matters to you is because I've made a lot of mistakes. 

Mistakes you don't need to make. Debilitating things, like burn-out. Being a people-pleaser. Lacking clarity in direction. Loving people poorly. Putting my family second. Making the mission more important than what matters most. Advocating with anger. Starting non-profits wrong. Fumbling through the world of communication, marketing, speaking and coaching. Inability to organize projects. Helping in a way that hurts more than does good. Leading without love, or knowing how to lead. 

Gosh, that list just keeps going! 

But so many of these things are not things you have to learn the hard way. I am always unsure about the best way to pass what I know on to you, letting you watch my life so that you can glean what would empower you most. But I want to. I want to spare you everything, or at least be someone who can walk you through your own journey when you face things I have. And hopefully I can learn something collaborating with you, too! 

You might not trust me yet, but I am 100% sure there is something for you here at Average Advocate. And if you don't see it, please ask!

So this is a little about me. I empower ordinary people to make the difference they were born to make here, at Average Advocate. You should probably already know that the non-profit I currently am CEO/President (whatever) of is Blackout Trafficking (formerly the LBD.Project) where we help everyday people around the globe do something about--you guessed it--human trafficking--in March.

What about for fun? Shuffling my kids around in the minvan doesn't count. But the audiobooks I listen to while driving are fun. And exploring the world is my favorite--which these days is usually just roadtrippin' around the USA, especially the San Diego area where I live. I am a wannabe hiker and I love tickling all three of my kids at once. Actually, I really love spending time with my people in my home. I host a coffee blog, I have been working on two fiction novels, and I dabble in music and art. Vitally for me, I love and follow Jesus and believe in he pursuit of being fully alive. I love discipling and leading the women at my church, as well as strategizing the SERVE ministry at my church. 

And, I actually like people and messing around on Instagram.

Now it is your turn! Reply to the email address where I send you your free resource (from above) or DM me on instagram! 


Elisa @AverageAdvocate

Elisa Johnston
Elisa Johnston Average Advocate

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